You must’ve noticed that I haven’t been constant here. I’m really sorry. I’m not only a blogger, I’m a producer, a drummer, a ping-pong player and a singer. So, I’ve been trying to pull resources for a project… 

Anyway, today, I will be addressing a question someone asked me two days ago. He asked, “why is it that when I like a girl and start a relationship with her, I get bored and breakup with her to move to another relationship? “.  

I believe that this is a common occurrence, not only with the guys, but also with the ladies.. At times, we admire a person for things we see outside or things we like about the person. For instance, I “love” classy ladies. Ladies that can dress up well and walk with grace and majesty… Ladies that are classy and are smart (smartness is 🔑 and a turn on for me) and are entrepreneurs. Or, it could be that for a girl, you like a guy because of the way he talks or his accent or maybe he’s well built and you just love the fact that he’s buff. It isn’t strange that we all have our ideas of the ideal person for us… In our minds, we’ve drawn out things we would love in a person… We have this “perfect man or woman” concept in our heads to the point that when someone appears to have any one of these characteristics, we fall for the person. For example, there was a time where I saw this lady, she was well dressed and had her natural beauty on (PS, that’s a turn on for me). She was naturally beautiful, and I just had to let her know… I had already fallen for her (though, not completely). I ran towards her and told her that I loved the way she looked, and she was amazed and shocked and she said thanks in a very displeased manner and walked away briskly… The point here is that we all get attracted to someone, first from the external features of the person or from something we have seen the person do or heard the person say. It’s not wrong to fall for those things you see in that person. 

images suggesting ideal men and women..

The turning point is this: there are more things to a relationship than just the things you admire. You’d notice that once you try to move closer to that person emotionally, by entering into a relationship, you’re repelled by some traits you find in the person. For instance, external beauty drew me close to this girl (she had the contours on her body), I had to tell her…. We became friends, and from there, we were best friends.. And then, we became boyfriend and girlfriend. So, we were usually together, doing one thing or the other… If you recall, I said a major turn on for me is a smart girl. She wasn’t entirely smart. So many decisions she made and actions she took weren’t smart at all.. We had to breakup because of that and some other reasons…. 

Therefore, to answer that question, it’s not unusual to jump from one girl to the other… But, it’s best if one lays off those ideas of the ideal or perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and stick to reality and then, in doing so, try your best, to be the best you can…. Which goes without saying, as you’re trying to be the best you can, don’t neglect your person. Don’t forget who you are… And when you comport yourself and try not to loose who you truly are, you’d notice that those of the opposite sex with the same behaviour and character would begin to befriend you and from there, you would come across the one right for you… 

So… Enjoy your love life… 

I’m signing out… 


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