she never knew joy
She always accompanied sorry

As sorrow was her friend 

She didn’t know anything else existed

She was in the world of her own

Pushed from here and smashed from another

Kinda like a ping-pong ball

She was tricked into love

That was the only alternative feeling she once had, that she ever remembered. 

She grew unloved and wasn’t ever respected until you came

And took the little joy she had away; you little fool

She had hope that she had entered a new world… Loving and living with you 

Yet, you hit her harder than a crazy drummer hits the snare drum

You hit her more times than a hi-hat appears in a trap beat

You never once noticed her, she was more than a wife, 

She had transcended to the reason you’re fit 

She never spoke out… She was always mute

Her only physical friend was her diary..the one she always kept away from you once you arrived home


Then, I met her, at the market.. Talking to herself… 

Such a beauty…. Now ashes for beauty

As she talked, she cried… I had to help

She was scared to look into my face

She was so beautiful… 

I took her somewhere… We discussed. 

I had to force the words out of her mouth… 

Then, she thought that the only way out was the sweet release of death… 

I had to embrace her… She made me sob… Such words pouring out of such beauty.. 

I took her into my arms… You didn’t even notice her absence… To you, she was more of a figurine to decorate your house.. 

She became more free with me… I provided love, care and support…she was scared to still talk to me.. She was in the shadow of doubt… “what if he’s faking it?… What if he kills me?.. What if he’s pretending?” those were the questions I spotted in her diary… 
She came back when I was done reading ..OR… I was done reading when she came back… 

I had to embrace her again… This time with more passion and compassion for her… Little did I know that I would turn from being a friend to being something more… 

She grew to trust me after seven years… Still, you only looked for her once… You thought she had died… You went on remarrying someone else… 

She heard this and was happy for you… She came to see you after she had risen from doubt and fear to trust and boldness… You were amazed at her refined beauty… You were dumbfounded after she had told you about her transformation…. 

She is now mine.. She’s my wife  and I’ve become her joy… 

So, dear Joy, I know you’re reading this and you’re smiling… I’m very glad that I’m you…. 




Leke signing out of this…. 


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