She was the love of his life… He never once forgot to talk about her since the day he saw her from afar….. He always imagined them together at the alter. He idolized her.. She was his everything… He never once listened during seminars.. He was always daydreaming about her.. 
When he ate, he imagined her cook for him and also, him thanking and appreciating her cooking while she sat on his laps… He imagined two of them eat spaghetti together; eating it at the two ends till their mouths touched… To him, that was everything…..

When he showered, he would shower for two…. For himself and for her. In his bathroom, there were pairs of everything… Pairs of toothbrushes, two bars of soap, two sponges, one shower cap, two shaving sticks, two cups…. 

In his room, he had the picture of the girl on his wardrobe door and in the wardrobe, he had shirts, pairs of trousers, ..blouses and skirts.. He had already thought ahead… His shoe rack contained his personal shoes and the ones for the lovely lady. 

He never ate on his dining table alone; he had her food served and his, already eaten….. Whenever he came back from the kitchen after washing is plates, he would make a joke of how she doesn’t like eating much because she’s pursuing her modelling career. 

When he drove, he had his seatbelt on and hers too… For her own side, he would just draw the belt and fasten it around the chair…. When he goes out, he always talked to her, telling her how good the office would be since he has her in his heart… Whenever he comes back home, he would always chat with her gisting her how the office was… And how he would wish to relieve himself while he basks in the beauty of her body…. He never really waited for an answer from her; he always did the talking… 

One day, he saw her for real; the experience was quite funny. She was posted to his department at the office and the day she was posted was like heaven to him. As she addressed her coworkers, he wasn’t listening to her, which could be why he never got to know her name in time. He was busy envisioning how it would be if they both walked on the beach together…. As she was talking and he was lost in another world, he crashed into another worker and then attention was focused on him…. He felt ashamed as he had created a bad first impression of himself… 

To cut the long story short, after enough persuasions from friends and coworkers, he consented to asking her out.. She agreed to go out with him… He always tried to look his best around her… Until the unfortunate day came; 

One day, as he brought flowers to her office, he saw her kissing someone else. Then, he was shocked and the flowers dropped from his hands… He asked her furiously, “who’s this clown? ” …..she was mad at him for what he had said and slapped him and then, calmly said, “this is my husband… The one I told you about… ” … He was in tears as he had never listened to anything she had been saying about her husband… All he was doing was imagining them together.  

……he ran away from the office. ..and went to a place I know not.. 

…We never saw him since then…… 


Leke moving on…. 


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