This is a story… A story that I was never in…but, still a story that changed my perspective of love. 
There is nothing more proboscidiform 

The love in Vegas is just so vague… 

There I was standing and gazing at a very elegant and dashing model. She was graciously created by God and was slim with perfect curves. In my mind, I said, she must be a Latina babe. Then, I decided to approach her and ask her out and maybe; just maybe, be a very loving giver…if you have a clue as to what I mean.. 

By the time the thoughts were still rolling in my head, she turned back and looked right at me; I was shocked.. I didn’t realize how dimples could make a frowning face still sexy. She was frowning; maybe it was the sun, I thought. Then I approached her, so that it wouldn’t be awkward. She looked at me with a mixture of both disdained and with a pint of lure in her eyes… I already had goosebumps.. 

The conversation swayed from dislike from her as to why I was standing gazing at her to jokes from me… trying to ease the tension of talking to her. Then, for the first time, I would have a girl laugh so hard that the long braids she had on swooshed down as she bowed to laugh. When she bowed, I could sight what I would call wonderland.. This wonderland was the cleavage I saw.. I imagined how Alice felt while she was in wonderland.. This time, I was Alice and she was the wonderland.. Then, she stopped laughing and we exchanged numbers, because she was hurrying somewhere…. I smiled as I walked back into my room. 

The same night I called her and asked her out. She was more than willing to go out with me than I thought. We grabbed a bite and some drinks and we saw a couple of movies. Nothing so fancy… The evening of that night was something to never forget……she kissed me on my cheek (it sounds like nothing,but to me, it was everything). Then, she disappeared while I was still wallowing in the experience. That night was basically the best night of my life… I slept and I dreamt of her. 

Then, for a month we went out together. We always held hands and she would occasionally rest on my shoulders or jump on my back for me to carry her around….. All these took lots of cash from me….. 

Then, one day, I decided that I should see her in her apartment as a surprise. As I opened, the door, there she was, screwing another guy. I was as shocked as I would be if I mistakenly held a live wire. I was just there lost in thoughts as she was trying to get herself together… She tried to explain herself… I wasn’t even listening to her at all.. All I heard from her was gibberish… It was like she was put on mute while I was soliloquising in my head. I just stood there while the guy she was with had already jumped outta the window when he heard we were dating. I didn’t even realise what was happening around me. I just turned 180° and then walked slowly towards my room. I laid on my bed, looking towards the ceiling while hot tears started to find their ways into my ears… I didn’t even bother to wipe them at all…

The night of the same day was actually not as one would expect… She came back to me in tears and with sorrow… But, she came with a friend of hers to beg with her. ….she begged and begged and she said something that actually made me happy again. She said, and I quote, “I would do anything to make you happy”. Immediately, the tears dried up and these words came outta my mouth, “I want a threesome”. She was shocked too. She begged me to reconsider and I said that I wasn’t going to. She had to concur after hours of begging… I enjoyed the aftermath of the incidence… She thought she was forgiven… After we were done, I told her… “we’re done”. She left weeping… 

………..woh!!!! That’s some sweet dream… I woke up smiling… 




Leke scripting outta this….. 


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