A poem? 
A letter? 

Maybe… You could call it anything

Or call it a description of you. 

This is something I decided to do today

To gaze upon you and draw with words what I see

I’m a very melanin *Shakespeare da Vinci* (I hope you get that). 

Therefore, I’m about to paint a very down to 🌍 and smiling Mona Lisa. 

So, you claim you hail from earth

Till now, I find it hard to believe

I believe you’re from space.. I think you’re a star: therefore, I see the star, the star sees me, God bless the star and God bless me. 

You’re a very immovable magnet; I was within your magnetic field 

I tried to kill the feelings while I was away from you,

But, you attracted the magnum while I had already loaded the gun and then, it shot right back at me, like it was a suicide attempt

Cupid’s arrows flew replacing the bullets fired by the gun

I was soaking with blood caused by enough darts from the diaper-wearing baby

I looked at you while you shone like the sun ☀ 

And you touched me and then placed my head on your laps and then, I felt the pain no more 

As regards your body, you’re more glowing than Queen Bey….

…..Sexier than Amber Rose ….

…More beautiful than Kim K…

…Yet, you’re as strong as Michelle Obama ….

….And as talented as Opera Winfrey 

You remind me of a hourglass ⌛⏳, in body and beauty as well as gallantry. 

You’re so 85%…..you’re not entirely perfect. 

You scare me, the way you love and you make me sad the way you live…. 

You’re easily pushed around.. But, I hope that when you’re pushed a lot, you land on me. 

It’s me scripting outta this… *Leke*📃📃📄📄


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