Right now, this should be constituting a nuisance to many people. But, before I start disturbing you, β˜†Happyβ˜† β™‘Valentine’sβ™‘ β˜†Dayβ˜†. 
What is the plan for the ending of Valentine’s Day? This evening should be lit for most of y’all. Lemme guess, it’s one of two things… It’s either you’re being romantic or you’re being sexy.. 

Being romantic…. 

You’re most likely trying to arrange a very romantic night out or a dinner; or you just want to relieve yourselves of stress, so, you’ve booked a spa or a couples massage.. You are most likely setting the mood for some πŸ”₯ 🍫 later in the evening.. or at πŸŒƒ. You’re trying to make your girl get goosebumps this evening… You’re setting the pace… You’re starting with a nice time out that would end with a raging time in.. 😘😘😚😚😍😍….just be careful…. Be very careful.. Don’t be too hasty.. This night could cause trouble for you if you aren’t careful enough… That’s all I’ll say about that. 

Being sexy….. 

This won’t take so much time.. You’ve either planned that you two would skip the romantic gestures and move straight into *”taking in and bringing out”*. For these people, you’ll most likely read this post tomorrow morning. Lol… So, you must’ve planned that you’ll be together, doing the do from morn to dusk… Okay… Okay…lots of sweating and talking gibberish. 😍… 

Or… You make sure you’re outta each other’s sights for a long time, so that you are prepared and expectant of the ‘do’ by the time you’re within each other’s radars… For you too…. Make sure she’s comfy and make sure you don’t rush into it… Please be very careful… Consider your future… Or consider anything else.. 

Lol… I’m talking trash. ….but, frankly, enjoy yourselves…. Cheers.. 

. β˜†Happyβ˜† β™‘Valentine’sβ™‘ β˜†Dayβ˜†. 

Leke dabbing outta this.. 

For feats, contact me via my email gbemilekeolaniyan@gmail.com or via BBM; D6046872


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