I really don’t want this to be a post that preaches anything. I want it to be a post with comments. So, I’m gonna throw a couple of questions that need answers. These are questions people often ask me. 
1. In a relationship, is lying allowed? The kinda lies I’m talking about here are lies to protect the girl’s feelings. 

2. Is being totally truthful the best? That is being 100% truthful. A practical example would be.. If, for instance, my girl asks me if she is becoming fat indeed.. 

3. Does being in a relationship mean that we should be always be with each other? Like actually being with each other every single time.

4. Do we need to believe in the same things? 

5. Do I have to watch my weight while I’m with my girlfriend or boyfriend? 

6. If I truly love him, do we need to disagree? Can’t we always reach a compromise everytime? 

7. So, I have a crush on someone else while I have a boyfriend or girlfriend, what do I do?

8. Do I need to quit what I used to enjoy when I enter into a relationship?  

9. He wants me to always have sex with him, but I don’t always wanna do it and I truly love him, but he’s threatening to leave me. What do I do? 

10. Is it normal to actually love my cousin… Like I have a huge crush on my cousin. He’s sexy and I really want to date him and have sex with him. What do I do?

11. Is it normal to love your best friend’s girlfriend? I really love her and I wanna let her know. I’ve been thinking about her for long and I want to respect my best friend, but, I’m really convinced that I love her. What do I do? 

Please, I would need answers from other bloggers on these questions. Thanks. 

Leke signing out. 


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