I’m sorry I haven’t been too consistent in posting information on the blog. I’m trying to get past the free trial mode. Anyway, I would be going through your persona; aka your fake self, and You. This seems quite educational, therefore, I advice that you pick up them pens and papers and start jotting… Lol. *me and my humour*

To the real deal, this has been worrisome to me as a person. The way people present themselves to other people totally beclouds who they really are, especially in the context of dating. 

I would like to breakdown my topic and deal with this piece by piece. 

How do we define and conquer the aspect of your persona? Like I stated earlier, your persona involves the way you introduce yourself to the world. It’s your social character and aka, your fake person. Most people actually merge the real self into their personas and to these people, I hail. I hail because it’s not easy to be yourself in the world we are in. We are so totally moulded into the way our friends want us to be, the way the society wants us to be to the extent that who we truly are, or our real selves, are totally shrivelled up. Most people hide behind the cloak of cliques and groups, to the extent that they completely ignore their real self. Because of this, they find it hard to find someone that would love them for who they truly are; forgetting that who they are now isn’t who they truly are….their real selves have been kept aloof and they are all wolves in sheep’s clothing now. The real self, when dug and buried could be likened to a girl who has been kidnapped for ages and isn’t really recognized when she is brought out. The real self is the true self. When you hide your real self and you allow the fake person you claim to be to actually take over, there is going to be a problem finding who you truly fit. The people who would like you would most likely be those who are so in tune with your fake self, and they want to date the fake you so that when you try to bring out the real self, they hate, scorn and mock you. The most adorable example would be those girls who claim the fabulous lifestyle of runway models and popular celebrities. They, in trying to feel among, do things to themselves that suppress the real self. For instance, most of them try to choke themselves on some guy’s junk because their friends have done it. They try to paint their faces to look like them Beyonce and Riri, forgetting that there is enough room for all the stars in the sky. They try to look so slim by depriving themselves of food and hard work and they try to gag themselves, so that they puke. One would realise that it isn’t worth it as time goes on. These things become hard work and then, before you realise how beautiful that imaginary girl that has been buried really is, it might have been too late. When this dawns on you, you begin to regret not embracing your true self from the start. 

The idea to me, till this day is simple; I don’t care what you think about me, I’m me; leave it or take it. I love real people, I love the realest of them all.

I didn’t intend to make this so long, I wanted it to be as a motivation to those who need it. This life is too short to labour to be someone else. Just, be you, be beautiful, shine, don’t care about what others will say, it’s their job to say, it’s yours to either listen or ignore. 

From me to you, be the best you can be and even in doing that, be real with yourself and with others. Peace. 

Enjoy your love life. 

For features and comments, contact me via my email at gbemilekeolaniyan@gmail.com or via BBM; D6046872


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