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So, bored outta my mind, I decided to do something on long distance relationships. I called it a game, because,…ugh….  what the heck, I’ve got no reason and.. πŸ‘‡ 

Most people I’ve personally interacted with are involved in long distance relationships and some of them actually have problems while they are in long distance relationships. The reason for such problems isn’t rooted in the fact that he or she is far away, but that they don’t want to betray the trust they have for each other. Therefore, most times, they that are horny stick to masturbating as a remedy for loneliness… Don’t judge me, I’m speaking the minds of people….. Or, you want to tell me that you wouldn’t do the same? 

I’d love to discuss how long distance affects relationships and how the barrier of distance can easily be shortened. 

Speaking as someone who conducted his final project on this topic, I’d love to say that long distance relationships are those kinds that involve the two lovers being far away from each other. That is, for these two, there is a barrier of distance. 

Now, while I carried out my project, I asked some of those who were in a relationship at the time if they were once in such a relationship and some said yes. Then, I went further to ask if it worked out… Most of them said it didn’t. πŸ”‘ :Those that said that out of sight is out of mind knew what they meant by saying that πŸ”‘ πŸ”‘ . For two things to work together, they have to be together; take the magnet as an example, two magnets cannot attract each other if they are too far apart (small magnets at least). For people to effectively love each other, they have to be within their perimeter. That is, they shouldn’t be too far away from each other. The reason is quite straightforward; you’d notice that there would be scepticism and then, one would begin to imagine what the other might be doing in his or her absence. I’ve heard people say that they don’t always sleep at night whenever their partners are away. Some people would just be giving themselves heartache and be expecting that the partner would’ve cheated on him or her at least once; if not even more than that. This issue causes a lot of fights as well as people cheating on their partners, because they would’ve assumed that the one afar off would’ve done the same. 

To me, for people who think this way, I think the best thing is to remain at arm’s length of your partner.. So that, at least, you would be sure of what he or she is doing. 

As much as this is a solution, it causes so many problems. These problems stem from the root of lack of trust and bloom into flowers of overprotection, and then, before you know it, the tree of relationship begins to die gradually. If you understand this, I don’t need to go any further. 

For the sake of those who mightn’t understand, all I’m trying to say is that when you always try to follow your partner everywhere he or she goes because you think you’ll be cheated on, then there would some other problems that would emerge. First of all, you would be giving yourself enough problems, both psychologically and physically, to last for all eternity. The more you feel a little overprotective of your girl or guy, then you are also loosing faith in your partner and because of this, some other things that aren’t important, to you, they would always be. What I’m saying is, if for instance your guy goes to the mall, to get something and he delays in coming home due to traffic; in your mind, you would’ve been thinking that he had gone to another lady’s house, while waiting angrily for his arrival. Lemme give a practical example. There was this man whose wife had this friend. The friend always bragged about her relationship with her husband while she always complained of how her husband would just crash in the bed when he comes from work. To her, work was more like “work”. One day, the husband came home with a different scent all over his body. She started panicking and she started to ask the husband where the girl he was with was. She started to scream in anger and then she decided to go to the friend’s house. All the while, the husband was looking shocked. Anyway, she went to her friend’s house. As she was just about to open the door of the house to gist her friend, she heard her friend crying profusely and then, she heard the husband telling her that he could do whatever he wanted and that he could be with anyone he wanted to be with. He then beat her, while telling her to stop nagging him. When she heard her friend cry, she decided to run away. When she got home, she ran straight into her husband’s open arms and then calmly asked for an explanation. The husband smiled and brought out a new perfume and roses from the trunk of the car. She was wondering why he was doing that.. And then, he calmly said, “the reason I had a different scent is because I was trying the new perfume on. And the rose, with the perfume is just to wish you a happy birthday”. When she heard this, she hugged him again and started to cry and started confessing that she thought he was with another woman, assuring him that she would never doubt him again. 

The lesson is that, instead of you feeling that he is cheating on you, channel that feeling into developing trust for him or her. In essence, trust him or her and have a little faith in your partner, instead of doubting him or her. *I’m sorry for the hims or hers right here*. For those who have cheats for boyfriends and girlfriends, the idea is fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice shame on me again, but, fool me the last time, you’ll never see me again. It’s as simple as that. I hope I’ve touched one person at least.

Modernization and globalization as well as technology have helped us to get closer to one another easily. If you feel that he’s too far away, have a facetime with him. Contact him with something like Skype or Imo at any time you please. Sometimes, the answers are not farfetched. **For those who have no idea what modernization or globalization are, check your dictionaries.**

Have a wonderful day. 

Enjoy your love life and love wisely. 

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