Yes yes yes y’all, it’s Friday…. The last working day of the week for most of us and the day we turn the f**k up. 

So, I decided to just make this post quite exciting.. Though it’s morning, I’m anticipating the biggest turn up for most of y’all. So, what’s it gonna be?. Where are y’all going? Where is he taking you? Where are you taking him? 

Get loose, it’s Friday… 

Hmmmmm….. What shall it be tonight? 

Club? Lemme start by saying that I’m gonna be relating destinations for your weekend turn up to dating.. So, is it to get nasty tonight? Are you gonna be turning up with your bea at the club? Are you gonna drink till your head becomes numb? Is it gonna be vodka shots or iced tequila? Truth being, be careful if your girl or your guy is the jealous type. You might run into trouble. How?…………something about drinking and partying is that, in the spirit of getting loose, we do nasty things, things we might regret…it might be as subtle as just insulting your girl while you’re drunk or grinding against some other girl or as terrible as being caught cheating on your girl while you’re drunk. The trick is to turn up wisely. Try your best to drink responsibly; make your drinking bearable. Don’t drink till you start doing some crazy shit. When you start feeling a little tipsy, quit drinking for that period. Hey, turning up isn’t bad, but, I’m only trying to save your relationship. If you want to be so wasted, do it with your girl when it’s only two of y’all around at your apartment. 

Spa? The sexiest place you could ever be with your gal is the spa. For real though, I don’t know what ladies see in spas, but, if you can be as romantic as French or Italian guys, you’d tap into an available opportunity. What in the world do I  mean? Seeing that your girl loves to go to the spa; make her feel so relaxed, make her feel like there are no worries in the world, and then make your very romantic move. I don’t need to explain what your girl would love, she’s your girl. I’m emphasizing the guys because you girls should do the relaxing while your man does the loving. 

Romantic dinners? It may sound like it’s no fun. You have to make it fun if your girl deserves it. If you love her, you’ll make it exciting. The dinner could take any form. It could be an arranged dinner where you would have booked a special location. And you would have gotten everything ready; the champagne on ice, the rose colored table cloth, the plates and cutleries placed very delicately and you must have ordered very delicious food or maybe, if you’re rich enough, make it homemade; book a chef that would make special delicacies and then, you’d wait for her to come. When she does, pull the chair back while she sits and then you would signal to the waiter to approach with the food. Trust me, if you want your girl to give you that look that would make you speechless, follow what I’ve got laid out here. The dinner could also be the normal dinner where you’d have arranged a meeting with your gal. Now, a tip is to go somewhere else… A quite expensive and gallant restaurant with valet parking and with expensive or at least almost expensive drinks. When she walks in, you must bask in her beauty. You should make her feel like she’s the only one around. The dinner should be about two of you. When she approaches, pull out the chair for her to sit before you do the same. Before all of these, you must have had a 🌹 or a bunch of them to give to her, which you would, when she sits, just before you do the same. The last type of dinner I’m exposed to is my favorite, the house/ apartment dinner. This one is on the man to make excellent. First, he should know how to cook. He should’ve cleared the room where he would also set the table and chairs. He must have already cooked something quite binding. Funny enough, it could be a regular delicacy, but spiced up a little, like #saltbea .. Also, the champagne should have also been in the bucket of ice. At the centre of the table, there should be a vase of roses, or other flowers she would love. Then, the place shouldn’t be lit with the electricity, there should be scented candles or lanterns. Then, when she comes, you’ll have to let her sit and then, you would go to the kitchen to serve the food on dishes. And then, be romantic in your discussions and from there, let the night take its course. 

Massage? I don’t think I should tell you what to do here. You should know. I mean, suggesting a massage alone would let her sink in love for you.. 

Nature exploration? I have never done this before, but, I’m a fan of nature. The best is to do things that would make two of you marvel at the things you see; that would make you say wow, everytime. Visit parks, zoos, nature parks and the likes.. Just make fun out of it. You could even organize a little picnic while you’re at it. 

Have a wonderful weekend…. 

Enjoy your love life. 

For any info or features, please contact me via my email at or via BBM: D6046872 


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