It’s been about two days since I last posted. Anyway, lemme use this medium to express my heart of gratitude to those who have always been reading this blog, thanks a lot. I love you guys. 
I’m making a stop at the station of compromise. This is lacking in most relationships and I thought I’d look into that. As at last year, compromise was still a battle for me. I never ever had that mind that when you compromise, you’re giving more love to that person beside you, sending this unvoiced love message that you care for the person and you truly love the person. For me, compromise was a sign of weakness. I thought that if I compromised to my girl’s wishes, then I’d most likely loose respect in her sight. 

For you guys that think the same way I used to and for girls who also think that compromise is for “b*t**es”, this is for you. 

What do we understand by the word compromise; usually, I’d use the dictionary to help clarify what compromise is, but, I’d do this with honesty to tell you that compromise involves creating space for your significant other to carry out his or her set plans. This isn’t a one way thing, for you to have compromised, you must’ve argued either loudly or in your mind. Compromise is a very important ingredient in most relationships. Most girls breakup with their boyfriends because they feel that the guy doesn’t compromise. It’s good to give into the choices of your girl once in a while. Note that I said once in a while. Once you start compromising everytime as a guy, you’re becoming the lady of the house while your girl begins to grow them sacks. 

To dig deep into the reason to compromise, I’d need to go back to the time before you two met. You guys didn’t know each other; you were born individually and therefore you have no idea what any of you would like and what the other wouldn’t like. What you might like as a guy, the girl might not like. A vivid example is what guys die for: football. Assuming your girl loves to watch the fashion show while you want to watch the game, it’s advised that two of you would have to compromise once in a while. That is, you would agree that this week, you’d watch the games while the following week, she’d watch her show. It might be a b**ch once in a while, but, since you two are in love, I’m sorry, you’d have to live with it. 

*the picture above just says a lot. It’s epic like that*

When I was in school, my girl would want me to see her everyday, but, I had another love; table tennis (she hated it whenever I said that). I used to play table tennis from evening time till the following morning. It was a routine to me which I had to stop after I entered into a relationship with her. I had to schedule the time I played table tennis. I was seeing her everytime and on weekends, I would play table tennis. It wasn’t a sudden decision, it took a lot of time before I adjusted. She became a priority to me. 

Once you enter that relationship, some activities must just reduce. Some people don’t have that in mind. If you truly love her, you’d always want to be with her and you’d want her to be in your heart. Now, here’s another trick. When you want to watch the games and whenever she wants to watch the fashion show, two of you should watch them together. You’d notice that you both would start to mingle with each other’s interests. If you start to isolate yourself from your girl because of one thing or the other, you’re loosing her little by little. 

Most of us guys always want to hang out with our fellas. As good as that sounds, that should be reduced once you are in a relationship with her. Don’t quote me wrongly on this. I said reduced, not totally eliminated. One thing your girl should be to you is your buddy. You guys might not have anything to talk about because you see each other everytime, but the goal isn’t to discuss shit, the goal is to bond. Once you guys bond, you’d be more and more interested in hanging out with her. Here’s another trick good for your soul; you have to let your guys know that because you’re in a relationship, you can no longer hang out with them everytime. Before this happens, you must’ve introduced her to your guys and then, when that happens, two of you could go out with the “gang” every once in a while. Now, this is what I call a relationship. 

You know what my girl started to do quite recently, she knows that I love to see the massive behinds of other girls and I love to admire them, hey,….I love to give examples. Anyway, she was feeling quite jealous because theirs were bigger than hers and she’d get angry and start to walk away, but, this is what I was used to doing with the guys. We would always see “them” pass and we’d start making comments on what we’ve just seen or we’d start whistling whenever them girls passed by. Anyway, this was making my girl mad at me and she’d always complain, I tried to comprise, but, it was difficult because at times, I’d see a phat a** and I’d go “damn!! “. So, she started to compromise and it became quite fun.. Here’s what she’d do and it was quite weird and fun at the same time. Anytime she spotted a huge a*s, she’d turn my face towards its direction and we’d start comparing that with others we had seen. It became quite fun. 
Also, for those who love to play games and your girl always allows you to do so, be careful, you would just wake up one day with only your games beside you; no love 😔. Everytime you want to play your games, she’d give you your space and you think she’s darling. Bro, she’s giving you the space of a lifetime. You’ll never see the need to love her when you’re addicted to the games you play. The best thing is to integrate her into what you’re playing. Let her love it as much as you do. 

Also, you’d have to integrate yourself with the things she does. If she’s in the kitchen cooking for both of y’all, what you should do is to join her and cook too, it isn’t a sin. For those that see cooking as a woman’s work, good luck finding love. It isn’t gay to also help out in the house chores to ease the stress on your girl. The upside is that you’d reap the fruit of your labour at night. You dig? 

Truth being that the girl should be your everything which doesn’t mean that she should be controlling you, there has to be the balance in power and respect. She should respect you as you also should respect her. 
So, enjoy your love life… Remember, loving isn’t a selfish game, it’s about giving and receiving. 

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Leke signing out. 


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