Yea Yea, this seems psychological in nature… And it is. But, this time, I’m gonna join psychology with love and create a balance between the two. 

Inferiority complex is seen, by some people, as associated with the feeling of being inferior to or not up to the standard of certain people or group of people. Inferiority complex more or less deprives one of what is placed right in front of the person. What I mean is, because you don’t wanna embarrass yourself, you downgrade yourself and then hide under the cloak of shame. 

When I was in secondary school, I was a geek and because of that I was a stranger to love. Most of the girls I had feelings for just looked at me with this annoying feeling, “you’re cute, but…I am not interested in relationships now”, and then later, these same girls began to befriend and date other guys because they were more “handsome”. To make matters worse, my parents weren’t overly rich. They had money, but not enough to make me feel I was rich. What I mean is that I always felt as if the girls were looking for the rich hot guys when I was the sad, poor, lonely geek everyone tried to avoid.. Funny enough, I was handsome and at the same time a geek……. I’m still handsome though šŸ˜Ž.

So, it even got the point that when I got into senior classes, I was downgraded first by myself and then my mates. The obvious reason was really not the fact that I was a geek, it was the fact that my parents drove horrible vehicles that myself and my siblings would have to push, at times, to make it start functioning. It got to a point that we’d push this car in front of the school or in other public places such as market places. Anyway, because of that and the fact that I couldn’t cater for girls financially, I wasn’t seen as date-able. Therefore, I hid in this imaginary hood and made friends with myself. I was seen as the weirdo that sits beside the window looking at grass grow. People barely talked to me, until I was in the second to the last year in school that a girl actually had a serious crush on me…we dated later. 

I suffered from inferiority complex and it ruined me. So, it could be the same case as yours or different. So many girls suffer from depression caused by inferiority complex just because they have had the wrong impression of themselves before approaching another person or even being approached by others. Funny enough, you’d notice that the reasons people hide themselves from others due to inferiority complex are actually very minute and quite understandable. 

Some reasons could be:

1. I’m fat and gross: this is one of the most used reason for being inferior to others. This is mostly why people actually go to the gym…..just because they don’t want the wrong impression of themselves from people. The fact being that, if you’re beautiful and very annoying, it’s worse than actually being fat. Some people are so arrogant and have this very b*t*hy attitude towards others because they have rocking bodies. For those people, it’s worse for them and easier for the fat person with caring attitude. Some might say that the reason for the fat person’s care is because, “duhh, she’s fat… She’s like a 2 while her friend is like a super 10”. These remarks make girls, especially, to loose faith in love. Truthfully, like Bruno Mars sang, you’re amazing, just the way you are.

2. “Look at his ride or her ride”: this remark really causes havoc in the life of teens and early youths. Most people around those age groups usually care about the remarks of other people as well as the mundane things. They use the mundane to shut up their friends and others who would always assess them wherever they are. They always go like this…. Girls with their friends talking about a guy- “gosh,  šŸ˜±, OMG, he’s hot..and and..look, look at his šŸš— “. These kinda remarks set the bar for other guys. Those guys would want to do anything to beat the already set record of the other guy. They would want the girls to also look at them the same way and try to impress them with the kinda car they drive. Truthfully, the mundane fades away, reality stays. Eventually, whether you like it or not, you would grow up and realise that the mundane really doesn’t matter, the reality does. So, those trying to hide their cars from the sight of others and decide to trek from where they’ve parked the car, you’re suffering from inferiority complex. Solution is to be proud of what you own, better days would come. If that’s the reason you’re hiding from love, come outta your shell šŸš and walk up to a girl that you truly love, tell her your mind. If she’s mature enough, she would give you a chance, if not, she isn’t worth it and you’re too good for her- MOVE ON. 

3. “He isn’t classy enough” or “do you see what she’s wearing, huh, they wore that in my granny’s time”: If you’ve heard any of these before, and because if that, you’re an enemy to love, look, you aren’t defined by the type of designer clothes or shoes you wear. Some people wear the latest designer clothes in town and yet, they’re suicidal. You are only defined by your behavior. Don’t worry about those that are letting you down because of what you wear. Don’t embrace inferiority complex. Stand tall and be who you are, ask your crush out and if he or she denies you of your proposal due to your clothes, **ck him or her. You’re beautiful, you’re handsome just the way you are. 

There are other things that make people become even inferior to love. Love doesn’t look at what you wear or even who you’re.. It looks beyond that to deal with who you could become. Therefore, braze up, you’re more than this. 

Enjoy your love life. 

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Leke signing out. 


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