What’s the purpose of your relationship?

Are you trying to hide from the fear of being alone? 

Are you trying to be like your friends, so that you aren’t called queer? Because of that, you try your best to feel among and call him your boyfriend or call her your girlfriend….even if you’re not feeling it…..even if you’re suffering. 

But, your outward look is so deceiving, everyone wants to be like you. Your haters begin to really get envious of you. No one has taken time to look beyond your outward appearance to see the lonely, sad, sorrowful, haggard angel crying within. You cry when you’re alone, but when you hear anyone trying to approach you, you clean your tears. 

Are you trying to love someone because you are being denied loved somewhere else. For instance, at a point, I felt like I should love someone because there was trouble at home between my parents. You are the caring type and you want things to work because when they don’t, you see that evil imaginary monster that keeps mocking you and laughing at your failure. Therefore, you try to be overprotective and overbearing and you suffer long. To you, I say, be who you are, care as much as you can, love as much as you can and as much as you can, don’t stalk or make yourself an item of pity. Also, you can handle it. I know you can… Being loved is good, when love isn’t coming, you don’t need to make yourself feel less of a human being…love yourself. Eventually, someone will love you even more. 

Do you love, or at least you claim to love because you want to enjoy sex. I try not to curse here, if I was going to, I would say “screw you”….that’s even mild. You seem to be the bad boy in your class, you always seem to have the list of girls you wanna sleep with and then brag about it in your class. You seem to believe that all girls are as good as whores. But, believe me, it’s more dangerous when you crush the soul of an innocent girl who had trusted your lie to love her to the end. You seem to take all girls as useless… But though some girls love the intercourse-and-leave type of relationship, you shouldn’t generalise your view or make your past experiences as factor to conclude that all girls are the same. It’s not only guys that do this, girls also. For them, they seem to have been the ones who created the friend zone for guys. The person who truly loves you always meets you to start a conversation, you are busy looking for who would pay to screw you…like a more professional prostitute. Yes, your life is in the hands of no-one, but when you begin to live that kinda life, you’re inviting trouble for yourself. You can have fun, but when your fun makes your existence repelling to the guy made for you; the guy who really loves you; I’m sorry, the only place that you deserve to be would be in a crack house. The person that would want you to be his would see the way you live your life and would pass over you like in the Bible. 

To address those who use pride to love: this is your fate; you might be one of those people who would piss off your future mate and then would realise the mistake you’ve made after its too late. Then you begin to cry.. Or if you’re lucky enough, the guy accepts you and you two live happily ever after.. 😍 😍 all the way.. 

For those who are the drama queens in their relationships…. Please, take things easy. This life is a stage and we are all actors, but when your acting is on the level of cars in fast and furious, your guy or girl would use the same level of speed to leave you. So, my advice again is that you should calm down, calm down and try to reason with your guy or your girl.. It’s weird, but even guys could be drama queens…. Don’t be surprised when you see them. 

For those working hard in their relationships, but your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t… The way to solve that is to actually sit your guy or girl down and tell him or her your mind. Tell the person that the relationship isn’t going anywhere because he or she is messing around and isn’t taking things seriously. When you’ve poured out your mind, don’t wait for excuses because, you guys could start to make out and from there, it’s back to the old way of life. Instead, when you’re done talking, get outta there. If the person is wise enough, he or she would come back to his or her senses and run to apologise with assurance to try harder… When the assurance is given, don’t go straight to making love. Nope, you’ve gotta observe the person to see if he or she really meant it. But, also, in doing that, you don’t have to be too forceful. If the person is serious, he or she would unconsciously and consciously try to be better. If the person loves you, he or she would try. But, in observing, you notice that the person isn’t trying at all and is still doing things as before, then, when he decides to see you, like maybe for an outing or to discuss, you guys should breakup, and for the guys it’s gonna be vice-versa. 

********on a lighter note 📝, this is my song for today about relationships *****

Sorry by Justin Bieber : (lyrics

Gotten from azlyrics at http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/justinbieber/sorry.html

You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty
You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies
I hope I don’t run out of time. Could someone call a referee?
‘Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness

I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice
And by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times
So let me, oh, let me redeem, oh, redeem, oh, myself tonight
‘Cause I just need one more shot, second chances

Is it too late now to say sorry?
‘Cause I’m missing more than just your body, oh
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

I’m sorry yeah
Sorry yeah
Yeah, I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

I’ll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to
But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two
I’ll go, I’ll go and then you go, you go out and spill the truth
Can we both say the words and forget this?

Is it too late now to say sorry?
‘Cause I’m missing more than just your body, oh
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

I’m not just trying to get you back on me (oh, no, no)
‘Cause I’m missing more than just your body (your body), oh
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

I’m sorry yeah
Sorry, oh
Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I let you down (let you down)
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

Source: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/justinbieber/sorry.html

So, enjoy your love life. 

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Leke signing out. 


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