So, you think that this life is a bed of roses? You think that once you’re in a relationship, you’ve got it all? You think that it’s all DISNEY  with you throughout? 

You might be wondering, for those who read my blog regularly, why does he always refer to Disney all the time? 😁😁..have you given time to watch what they call love?…. Just hilarious. 

Love is a battlefield… Once you’re in it, to be victorious and to find it quite interesting, you’ve gotta fight..

This post would concentrate on those who must’ve gone through breakups or are even in one now and you’re sad and wondering if things could get better. Truthfully, they do….only if you’re willing. 

Most recently, my girl and I went through a pretty nasty breakup over some bull****. Anyway, for a long time, we were both sad and wanting to get back together. We would see each other and just walk past each other. Most people thought we were still close, but we weren’t. It got to a point that I began to reason to myself; 

Why did we breakup? 

Truthfully, when I tried to think it through, I didn’t find any solid reason. Therefore, I decided to get back together with her…… Saying or typing it seems quite easy, trust me, it wasn’t. When I saw her, I was shaken because, there was this inner fear that she would turn me down. I wasn’t even aware that she felt the same way… If I had known, it would’ve been easier 😕. Anyway,  we went to a quiet place to chat. Before we started to chat, we were both quiet for a long time, because it seemed awkward. Anyway, I broke the silence with trash talk, *hey, don’t blame me, I was nervous *. Anyway, eventually, she drove me to the point by being so uninterested in my trash talk. We discussed about us being together and reasons we broke up. It’s quite important to mention that, *to the guys*, girls get pissed off at the most insignificant thing;  insignificant to us guys. These things we see as insignificant are seen as the importance stuffs to the ladies. 

To know how to treat your girl right, read my previous post titled “tips”…’s the link

So, from where I digressed, we discussed about things that tore us apart and believe me, they were absolute nonsense. We got back together after a lot of begging and sincere, as well as insincere tears from both of us. 

So, to those who are going through rough breakups, my advice to you is, just sit down in a quiet place, try not to engage your mind in anything but focus on your relationships, try to think of what caused the breakup and try to also think about the positive aspect of your relationship. In doing that, I advice that you use a scale. This scale places the good and bad experiences together. If the good surpasses the bad, I advice that you go back to your guy or girl and you guys should settle things. Fighting doesn’t solve anything, it worsens things. But, if the bad surpasses the good, my advice to you is to gear up with your track and field shoes and “on your mark, set, GO”…..RUN WITHOUT LOOKING BACK. 

As a conclusion, the best way of conciliation is for you guys to settle your differences there and then. 

So, enjoy your love life. 

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Leke signing out. 


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