The image is for the ladies. 

There are others that you could have figured out as to things you should and shouldn’t do with and to your man.

To the guys, these are some tips you shouldn’t forget…like ever:

1. Never belittle your girl

2. Never make her feel insecure 

3. Never make yourself feel incapable of doing your duties; to your girl, that is. 

4. Never make your girl feel jealous of other girls. This is because, once she begins to feel jealous of other girls, you lack some things she desires, which she has found in other guys. 

5. Don’t try to lie in order to avoid hurting her. It’s bad enough that you lied about things. If she finds out the truth, you don’t wanna start giving excuses. Plus, the excuse of “I was trying to protect your feelings”, is becoming old. 

6. Try to make her feel good about herself. If you begin to point out things that are wrong with her everytime, you make her loose faith in you. 

7. Try to balance seriousness and fun. You shouldn’t be all serious. If you’re all serious, she would become bored of you. She would also think you’re not serious enough for the relationship when you are all fun with no iota of seriousness. 

8. Try to be protective of her, but not overprotective. If you’re overprotective of her, she would complain that you’re chocking her. I was in a relationship about three years ago, we broke up because she said I was being overprotective of her. Some ladies love when you’re overprotective of them, it makes them feel you love them, but not all of them do. 

9. Be very aware of her emotions and facial expressions. As a guy who really is interested in being a man, it’s advisable that you should be able to note when she’s down and when she’s not. You should even be able to decipher that by her voice;  when your on the phone with her. She’ll love you more when she knows that you care. 

10. Last and not least for now, make her know that you love her by telling her and by your gestures. Never let your girl feel deficient of your love. Make her know that you care for her by doing such things as surprise visits, surprise gifts, surprise kiss, surprise outings, surprise dates etc. You should be able to be versatile about your gestures to her; to make her feel that you love her. 

Lastly, love knows no bounds…. 

You could be that old and love still. 

So, enjoy your love life. 

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Leke signing out. 


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