This stage is basically the most important stage in forming relationships.. Hmm.. 

Why is that? 

This stage could be hitherto called the dating stage. It is when your crush as well as yourself get together to get to know each other. This stage is quite critical with many youths of today and you wonder why. Easy…… At this stage, you get to know what’s up with your date. What this means is, you get to realise habits you like, habits you don’t like, major and minor things that you want to know from the person as regards life experiences as well as lifestyle. 

In dating, there are some things that you might really want to do to impress your date, but my advise is…dont push it. Yes, granted, you want to impress, you want to be of your best behavior (which in dating is of your most romantic behavior), don’t overdo it. 

This stage, most people do these things just to present themselves as date-able. 

First, from the top, you guys fix a date and a location. It’s one of two things: if the guy is a gentleman, he would want to pick you up and not that you’d meet him there which is what unromantic people would do. 

The meeting place is set, it’s then “to the dressing room”. You want to look your best, you want to impress your date. You don’t want an awkward situation where your date is looking at other girls because you dressed as though you were going to farm. So, girls, you would most likely wear your most expensive 👗 and you must have already bought yourself a pair of nice 👠👠. Then you would have gotten yourself a very nice cologne with expensive, nose blocking, attention seeking and mind exploding fragrance and then you’d look for the perfect makeup to match your clothes. So that you wouldn’t waste his time, you must have done all these hours before he comes; those things take time. 

The guys, we know how we do it. We look for just the right shirt and pair of 👖 as well as the most expensive 👞👞 and a set of 👓 and maybe a 👔, something that would make your girl want to admire you. Something that would send a note to other girls like, “yeah, I’m a classic man, but, as at this time. I’m not ready to mingle with y’all, I’m already tangled with a damsel”. Then,  you must have already retouched your hair in your barbers salon and you must have already bought the kinda perfume to make other ladies jealous. And, for some people like me, we begin to work out, so that we don’t look like worms in front of other guys, we look like the kinda guys other guys want to be like. 

So, you step out of your house in that I’m-a-classic-man look and in your mind you do it in slow motion, like in the movies.. Lol. Anyway, you get a 🌹 and then, as a gentleman, you wait for her at the door of her house or if the parents are understanding enough, inside her house, until she comes out looking like Cinderella, in her head, she’ll be coming out in slow motion too; maybe with a very romantic tune like Mandy by Barry Manilow….. 

Check out that song though…

So, anyway, you complement her and you could just throw in a little bit of spice and look at her from head to toe while she walks by you. 

Then, you two head off to the desired location, before that, you must have handed her the rose. 

Rules must be followed when you are on a date. First off, you can’t take the bus to your desired destination. You call Uber service. This is better because it’s only two of you there. You cannot allow any other person to be staring at your girl or your man when going on a date. 

So, you’re there. You have to allow her sit first. You draw the chair backwards and allow her sit before you take your sit; as a classic man. 

When you get there, you guys are expected to talk. Before that, you have to maintain this very brief and  emotional eye to eye contact, not too long to make it weird or too short to make it unromantic. Then you order a very nice delicacy. Something that would go perfectly with red wine. Now the idea is not to get her drunk, nope.. The idea is that you two are grownups and two of you should share something that says.. I’m interested in you, but in liquid form. For those that are not eighteen yet, this doesn’t apply to you. Get wine that isn’t alcoholic. 

You guys talk and talk and talk about stuff. For guys and girls reading this, you don’t talk about yourself like that. You shouldn’t present yourself as some proud or arrogant individual, instead, you should ask questions and make observations about the person sitting opposite you. That is, you guys should be seated opposite each other and not beside each other. So, you guys talk. 

In talking, you should be able to insert some jokes to keep the conversation going. You shouldn’t be dry and drive your date to sleep. Be as interesting as Tom and Jerry is to smaller children. Anyway, you crack jokes. But, again, it should be romantic and not a session of who’s funnier. You just slide in those jokes and move on to talking about other more important stuffs. 

Okay, in talking and making merry. Its quite important to also make romantic gestures to show that you’re interested. You could take a part of your meal, lean in and then put the food in her mouth. Don’t force it, remember that you’re trying to impress at this stage. Also, you’re not only impressing, you guys are also trying to get to know each other, therefore, you’re adding a little bit of you in there. That is, be real, with a little bit of fake. Don’t be all fake. 

So, you guys are done eating. This time around, you don’t take the uber yet, you guys stroll a little bit, not the kind of stroll that would make her feet hurt. Remember, she’s wearing heels. So, you take a short stroll; the stroll should be both short and should worth it. You talk about how nice the dinner was and how you would like to do it again sometime. 

When it gets quite late, you call a cab for her; again, as a gentleman. And then, before she gets in, you lean in and slightly kiss her; the kinda kiss that would make her smile and at the same time make her reminisce about you when she gets home. The kinda kiss that would make her know that you tried, but you’re not pushing it. The kinda kiss that would make her smile while she’s in the cab on her way home. Then she gets home and tells her friends how it went. 

This article might seem to contain rules. It is not a rule book. Your own style, your own way should be your own guideline. I’m just trying to draw how dating should look like from a gentleman’s point of view. 


Leke signing out. 


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