Quite interesting…. 

See, I am gonna let you in a little secret: I had many crushes. So many, I could not count. 

Starting from the bottom, who is your crush? Or what is meant by a crush? 

See, the English Dictionary defines a crush simply as

The human object of such infatuation or affection.

Your crush becomes the person you idolise and the person who makes you sleep at night and makes you smile early in the morning.. The person that makes you become a sudden friend to your enemies. All achieved by merely staring at a picture of your crush. 

The system of a human being works in funny ways. At times, you feel so tingly on the inside because you have seen your crush OR you get goosebumps whenever you see your crush. In situations like these, you begin to only wish the person in question could just say hi to you. 

There was this girl I had a crush on when I was quite young. The girl was quite new in our class and apparently became a visitor in our church too. Immediately, I began to crush on her and I began to do silly things to get the girl to talk to me. It got to a point that I unbuttoned my shirt to expose my singlet and I started to jump over chairs pretending to be superman. Sounds quite lame, but, when you have a crush, you begin to do quite amazing and generally irrational things just to attract attention to yourself. 

At this point, you begin to envision dating the person, if the person is not already involved with someone else. You begin to ask his or her friends for the phone number of your crush and you begin to fidget when you try to call the person. Your hands suddenly become numb and you begin to develop self communication. Something like this:

“hey ,hey, you’re a man. Call her… Who’s the man, I’m the man: who’s the man, I’m the man”

Eventually, you braze up courage to call and voila, she didn’t bite. You call and begin to gather all the swag you’ve got left to talk. You begin to tell her how much you’ve admired her and how you wish to take her out, trying to get a reply. Then you begin to pray in your heart that she says yes, like its a marriage proposal. Anyway, she does and you begin to jump up and down your room and for that week, you’re the happiest human being ever. 

Truthfully, I wasn’t able to ask a girl out until I got to university. In secondary school or college, I was a geek, I was always pushed aside and the fine girls I had crush on were taken by the big boys. So, I decided to keep my calm. Until I decided to defy my prior decision when I got to university. Then, one of the girls I admired in secondary school gained admission into my school. I had already discovered boldness, so I asked her out.

For people who see having a crush as a bad, immature thing, I think you’re wrong. Having a crush is the first step to getting into a relationship. 

Again, have fun. Leke is out. 


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