There is always a start to everything. Everything that has an end must have had a beginning.

As a mode of introduction, my name is Olaniyan Oluwagbemileke E. I am quite new at this, I would admit. But, in me is this writer craving to come out, so, I saw this as an avenue to express myself. This blog would be more focused on the relationships, re-relationships, dating, courting, weddings and marriages as well as families. I’m interested in the way families are formed these days and how most people handle dating and their partners (pre and post marriage eras).

Before I go in too deep, I would love to clarify that this blog would be mostly from my point of view, so if you want to comment, have that in mind.

First off, it’s no news that everyone came to earth differently and individually. Except on few occasions, everyone was born separate. Therefore, it’s important to note that not everyone shares in the opinions you hold strongly. This is why the world is in chaos, it’s just because, no-one seems to agree with the ideas of the others.

The essence of this is rooted in the fact that most people expect that others should reason along with them.

You’d ask yourself, so, what’s the story for? Who doesn’t know all of these? Why does he even have a blog?

As a matter of generalisation, this blog is basically created to address the status of family and dating and all attached to it. Therefore, to young ones, myself inclusive, this should be something of interest.

This blog would go in deep to examine the flaws of dating relationships as well as families, but in stages. I mean, in most cases, one would have to date before marriage….like, in most cases.

Again, this is my introductory page, I haven’t started yet. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Leke signing out.


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